Postfactum 5: Manja Ristić & Lazar Aleksandar - “Patient Love”

Postfactum 5 AV Performance will be streamed on 27.04.2021/20:00 UTC+2

Manja Ristić - Music

Lazar Aleksandar - Visuals

Postfactum 5 is going to present the project “Patient Love”. The work Patient Love is an electro-acoustic journey through unsettling states of suspension in psychological metamorphosis, which evolved into multimedia compound dispersing into a video work which is leaning on the textural sonic scaffolding of a cymatic plate engaged with reverberating grains of salt, and a poem produced through the gestures of automatic writing.

Patient Love is a sensory journey through the subtle layers of psyche, with creative compounds sculpted with care for an environment and the other. In this work, we celebrate an intimate pursuit of Love, of 1 becoming 2, as a primal force that carries us all through existence.

This project is realised with the support of National fund “Culture”- Bulgaria


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