Yoana Robova

Yoana Robova a.k.a. halojo (born in 1989, Sofia, Bulgaria) is an experimental electronic artist. She has no formal music education and her approach to music is extremely intuitive. She starts DJing when she’s only 16-years-old at post-punk, new wave and electronic parties. Subsequently she develops interest in music production. She uses mainly processed field recordings and analogue instruments in her works. Yoana strives to extract and amplify the organic fragments of the sound, without heavy digital processing in order to achieve a more natural sound. The reconciliation of electronics with the freer and more unpredictable natural forms is at the heart of Yoana’s creative pursuits. Hereof originates her interest in improvisation and momentary music.

Yoana is part of the sound duo trohi, together with Petar Parmakov. Individually and together with him she participates in various productions and art projects as a sound designer and composer.