Petar Parmakov

Peter Parmakov (Sofia, born in 1989) is known also as johny chep, NEMOKAI and the other half of the experimental duo “trohi”. In 2008 he graduates classic guitar in the National music school “Liubomir Pipkov”, then he studies bass guitar in the Sofia Conservatory. Playing the bass, he starts to use more and more effects and processors and finally learns how to compose music with computers, synthesisers and drum machines. In the last 8 years he plays in a couple of bands and makes sound for short animations, theatrical plays and movies.

His sound is organic and unpolished. Staying away from the aesthetics of cold digitally generated sound and algorithms, he is searching for ways to make music more scattered and close to the spontaneity of human emotions. Except for bass, synths, percussion and wind instruments, he uses samples and instruments recorded on tape, old/semi-working audio equipment, found sound, room sounds and everything else that comes to hand during the creative process.

In 2018, he released his first album under the alias johny chep - “so much trash so little time” and in the autumn of 2019, russian label “Gost Zvuk” publishes the mix of trohi - Mamaliga connect, dedicated to the flora and fauna of the north coast of Black sea.